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Q : What is the warranty?
A : Most of our lights are with 2 years warranty.

Q : What is the handing time?
A : The handing time is 1-5 business days, please contact us for details before order.

Q : How long will it take since dispacth?
A : to United States, Australia and Canada, 2-9 business days;
     to Japan, 1-5 business days;
     to most of EU countries, 5-12 business days;
     to other countries, 1-3 months.

Q : Pick up Service is available?
A :We have warehouse in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and China, pick up serivce is available in these countries.

Q : The warm white color is too white or too yellow?
A : As to this color temperature problem, warm white is one descriptive words, so different people has different concept of warm white. In our definition, warm white is 2700-3200K and the cool white is 6000K-6500K. We controlled the color temperature of the lights to be 2900K. But if you compare with the original halogen lights, it maybe too cool, while comparing with the 3200K warm white lights, it maybe too yellow.  

Q : The color temperature is not the same as last batch?
A : As you know, the warm white color temperature may have minor difference for each batch, but please kindly understand that we would try to control that different. 

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